Lisbon, Portugal skyline

10 Cannabis-Friendly Destinations You Should Consider Living


As attitudes and legislation surrounding cannabis continue to evolve worldwide, many individuals fond of this natural plant seek places where they can live freely and embrace their passion for cannabis without fear of legal repercussions. 


From stunning landscapes to vibrant communities, numerous destinations cater to the weed-loving lifestyle. 


We will explore ten of the best places to live if you love weed, where enthusiasts can not only enjoy the herb but also be a part of a supportive and understanding community.


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam has long been synonymous with cannabis-friendly culture. 


With its renowned “coffeeshops” where visitors and residents alike can purchase and consume cannabis products legally, this city has become a magnet for cannabis enthusiasts. 


The laid-back atmosphere and the picturesque canals make it an appealing place for those who love weed and want to experience a unique and open-minded community.


Denver, Colorado, USA


For cannabis lovers seeking a progressive and legalized environment, Denver is a prime choice. 


After becoming one of the first cities in the United States to legalize recreational marijuana, Denver offers many dispensaries and cannabis-friendly events. 


The city also hosts the famous annual “420” celebrations, drawing enthusiasts from all over the country.


Vancouver, Canada


Canada’s friendly stance on cannabis has led to many ideal locations for weed enthusiasts.


Vancouver, with its stunning natural beauty, liberal culture, and strong cannabis community, is an excellent destination. 


The city boasts numerous dispensaries and is known for its welcoming attitude toward cannabis users.


Portland, Oregon, USA


With its thriving craft cannabis scene, Portland is a haven for weed lovers. 


This Pacific Northwest city offers an array of cannabis-related activities, from cannabis-friendly events to a variety of cannabis-infused cuisine. 


The strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness aligns well with the values of many cannabis enthusiasts.


Montevideo, Uruguay


Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize cannabis, making Montevideo an appealing destination for cannabis enthusiasts seeking an open and accepting environment. 


Residents can grow their cannabis plants, join social clubs, or purchase cannabis from pharmacies, all without the fear of prosecution.


Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona has emerged as a prominent hub for cannabis lovers in Europe. 


The city hosts numerous cannabis social clubs where members can gather, socialize, and consume cannabis products in a safe and controlled environment. 


The vibrant culture and beautiful beaches add to Barcelona’s allure for cannabis enthusiasts.


Seattle, Washington, USA


Seattle, known for its progressive values and stunning landscapes, offers a cannabis-friendly atmosphere. 


Following Washington State’s legalization of recreational marijuana, Seattle has embraced cannabis culture with an array of dispensaries, cannabis-friendly events, and a welcoming community.


Oakland, California, USA


Oakland is another Californian city that has embraced cannabis enthusiasts. 


The city has a long history of advocating for cannabis legalization, and it offers a thriving cannabis industry, focusing on social equity and inclusivity in the business sector.


Lisbon, Portugal


Portugal’s decriminalization policy on personal drug possession extends to cannabis, making Lisbon an attractive destination for weed enthusiasts. 


While cannabis remains illegal, its possession for personal use is considered a minor offence, leading to a tolerant and relaxed environment.


Portland, Maine, USA


Portland, Maine, may not be as well-known as its namesake in Oregon, but it’s a hidden gem for cannabis enthusiasts. 


Maine has legalized recreational marijuana, and Portland offers a laid-back lifestyle, a welcoming community, and picturesque coastal charm.