About Weed Me

Weed Me Inc. was established in April 2016. Founders Terry Kulaga and Benny Presman recognized the need for trustworthy Cannabis producers in the emerging Canadian cannabis market.


Enhance lives through the provision of high quality medical and recreational cannabis.


Develop unique formulations and cannabis strains that meet the needs of recreational and medical users.


Establish a vertically integrated cannabis company that leverages the company’s production facilities and clinical data to minimize operating costs while developing unique strains and formulations


Basing our facility in Pickering, just 35 minutes out from downtown Toronto has provided us with some unique benefits. The close proximity to a large metropolitan centre meant we were able to hire and start with the best talent and skills across all the positions in the company. Being close to Toronto has provided us access to the biggest urban and suburban market in Canada, with over 6.5 million people living in Toronto. We are able to deliver our products quickly, and efficiently. Rooting our facility in Pickering also resolved a lot of the major concerns about safety and security. The production plant is away from residential areas, schools, or walk-in businesses. Having a discreet lot of land allowed us to implement the most stringent security measures and install a security system that ensures all visitors are always seen both inside the facility and around its premises.

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