Fun Ways You Can Smoke Weed

Smoking is the most common way to consume cannabis. While joints, bongs, and other smoking devices never lose their utility, some people may find themselves seeking more creative ways to smoke weed. And, that is why we provide you with these unique and certainly fun ways of delighting in the effects of THC and CBD.

Unique and Entertaining Ways to Smoke Weed

There is, of course, absolutely nothing wrong with the way you use cannabis. On some days, though, wouldn’t it be more fun to try something new? Yes, some of these choices may seem better suited for special occasions. Still, you never know which of these smoking methods may turn out to be your new favourite.

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Fruit Pipes

One of the genuinely entertaining ways to smoke weed is by using a fruit pipe. What fruits function well as pipes, you may be asking? You may be surprised to hear that just about any fruit can work. All it takes is a bit of ingenuity and creativity, and you can enjoy the novel experience of smoking out of fruit pipes.

An apple would be the classic example. With an apple, you rip out the stem and turn the top into the bowl. Then, form a tube going straight down from the make-shift bowl into the middle of the apple. A metal straw or pen with the ink and tip removed can work here. You should then create a hole from the side of the apple toward that center point.

The goal is to create a small channel for the cannabis smoke from the bowl. You can get extra fancy by adding a ‘choke,’ – an additional inlet that goes from the middle to the opposite side of an apple.

This will provide you with one hole to inhale from and one to be used as a choke. In other words, you cover the choke howl and burn some cannabis while inhaling. Once you get a solid amount of smoke inside, you can release your finger from the choke and let fresh air rush in as you inhale the smoke.

So, what other fruit can you use? Possible options include watermelon, banana, orange, lemon, and pears. In each of these cases, the principles are precisely the same. You will want to create a hole for the bud, which connects down into the middle of the fruit. From here, you make a hole for inhaling and one to act as a choke.

You may find yourself wanting to block the primary channel entrance so that your bud does not fall in. A filter works well here if you have one, but you can also just take a few small pieces of the fruit and create a screen that will prevent you from inhaling actual buds.

Twaxing a Joint

Another entertaining way to smoke weed is by creating and consuming a twaxed joint. The term twaxing a joint describes using cannabis extracts and concentrates to spice up a regular joint. This process can be as straightforward or as complicated as you’d like.

On the simple side, if you have some hash or dry sift, you can sprinkle a bit inside the joint to increase the potency. Make sure you still use dried flowers primarily, with these concentrates acting as the extra unique spice. The same process can be used with distillates and hash oils as well.

For a more complex option, you can even decorate the outside of the joint. Try dipping the entire joint in terp sauce or hash oil and then roll it in kief. This creates a beautiful appearance that is truly potent. Take it a step further by adding some distillate around the outside in whichever pattern you prefer.

When it comes to twaxing a joint, you can get as creative as you’d like. It all depends on what types of extracts and concentrates you have available to you. Even shatter, budder, caviar, and rosin can be added as well. These options can be sprinkled inside or stuck to the outside in the same way we described above.


While on the topic of joints, you cannot ignore blunts. Quite simply, a blunt is a joint that is made using tobacco wraps instead of standard papers. These wraps come in a variety of flavours and can be purchased with or without tobacco inside. Typically, you’ll first want to remove the tobacco from inside the blunt (if not using rollable blunt wraps). After that, you fill the wrap with dried flowers and roll it back up.

There are two downsides to blunts. Firstly, they can be difficult to roll and do require a bit of extra work. Secondly, these wraps contain nicotine, an addictive and harmful substance (Government of Canada, 2018). Blunts are best left for special occasions instead of everyday use. This makes them perfect for a fun and creative twist to smoking weed this weekend. Keep in mind. You can also twax a blunt in the same way we described twaxing a joint.

Before you light up a blunt or twaxed joint, take a moment to consider the potency. Generally speaking, you should start low and go slow with any cannabis concentrate (Government of Canada, 2019). It is no different twaxxing joints, as the potency can quickly ramp up. Don’t be afraid to put it out once half-burnt to save the rest for later. Ideally, you would have a group of friends to help you enjoy these special treats.

Dry Herb Vaping

While this article focuses on smoking cannabis, we’re going to change things up a bit. Compared to smoking, an exciting and functionally versatile way to consume cannabis is vaping. We are going to focus on the vaping of dried flowers, called dry herb vaping. This is different from the cannabis oil vape pens.

Dry herb vaping involves filling a chamber with ground bud, then heating it to the point where the cannabinoids and terpenes turn to vapour. In this situation, no combustion occurs. Vaping produces less agitation to your lungs and throat, amongst other major benefits (Loflin & Earleywine, 2015). You can find both tabletop and portable versions of dry herb vapes to meet your needs. Portable vapes are best for personal use, while tabletop versions provide one of the best social vaping experiences.

Reinvigorating Your Cannabis Smoking Experience

If you find yourself seeking some novelty in your cannabis smoking experience, try any of the alternatives presented here. They are creative and exciting new ways to consume THC and other cannabinoids. Fruit pipes add a whole new level of flavour and fun. Twaxed joints and blunts are perfect for those special events where a regular joint just won’t do. Finally, you could avoid smoking entirely by giving dried herb vaporizers a shot. With these unique and fun ways to smoke weed, you’ll never find yourself getting bored with the same old joint or pipe.


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