Hybrid Strains

Top 10 Things to Do When You Are High on Hybrid Strains

We have all heard the phrase, ‘best of both worlds’ at least a few hundred times in our lives. It is an apt representation of hybrid strains, which have both sativa and indica genetics. What can you do when you are high on hybrids?

Hybrid strains offer incredible diversity and versatility. Hybridization is the term used to describe the blending of sativa and indica species through selective breeding. While master growers continue to experiment on new strains to offer consumers and patients, we can focus on what these hybrids can do for us.

Top 10 Things You Can Do While High on Hybrids

The world is your oyster when you are high on a hybrid strain. These activities are by no means the only things you can do. That said, we hope you find the activities interesting and fun to do.


1. Watch TV or a Movie

Hybrid strains provide the perfect balance of sedation and stimulation to get you in the mood for watching some TV. You can pick whatever you want to watch. Just be sure to have some healthy snacks and water nearby, as you may not want to get up for a while. While this should not be the only activity you do, it is a solid option for just about any quiet evening.

2. Treat Yourself, Get Pampered

Who doesn’t need a little self-care? There are so many ways to spoil yourself while enjoying the high that hybrid strains can provide. A few ideas here include getting a massage, facial, or foot massage. Each of these activities is immensely enjoyable on its own but gets even better when paired with a high-quality hybrid. We don’t need to sell you on pampering yourself, but we encourage adding a hybrid strain to the mix.

3. Do Some Gardening

Creating a garden can be wonderfully enjoyable and rewarding. There is something special about making something grow from a seed into an entire plant. While growing cannabis plants may not be everyone’s cup of tea, every person can benefit from adding a little more green to their day. It’s ok to start simple and small, grabbing a small herb or potted plant. All you need to worry about is sunlight and watering, and there are plenty of instructions online to guide you.

Spending time working on your garden while high on a hybrid strain makes everything that much more enjoyable. There is a simple pleasure in the act of gardening. Enjoying this activity while also getting high on a plant can compound the benefits of this activity. Do a bit of research, and find the right plants for your home and your limitations. If you’re wondering how to enjoy this combination, it’s simple. Go and smoke a hybrid strain and then spend some time caring for your plant.

4. Get Cooking

Many of us now get a large percentage of our food from restaurants. We get it. Restaurants make awesome food that is hard to avoid. That said, there are numerous benefits to cooking for yourself. Learning how to cook healthy meals that suit your needs is one of the best ways to empower yourself. Cooking also happens to pair perfectly with hybrid strains. Here’s a quick tip, get all the supplies you need and go through the tricky stuff like peeling and cutting. After that, go out and enjoy your weed. This gets you in the perfect mood to finish up your cooking and, onto the most enjoyable part, eating the food.

5. Have Sex

Early research has shown that using cannabis before sex can lead to an assortment of benefits, including better odds of great orgasms. More specifically, women reported not only an improved orgasm but also an increase in sex drive, decreased pain, and no change in lubrication. While this study included 127 weed-consuming women and 373 female participants in total, it presents some fascinating findings (Lynn et al., 2019). Anecdotal reports from men and women have supported these findings for decades.

Cannabis consumers may discover that a hybrid strain is perfect for sex. Some individuals find that sativa strains give them a bit too much psychological tension or anxiety to get in the mood. Conversely, an indica strain may get you too couch-locked to get in the groove. And so, hybrid strains can balance out these two effects to provide the optimal conditions for some sweet (and safe!) love-making. Generally, the results are best if you are comfortable with the person, so this suggestion is more catered to couples.

6. Get Up and Out

As the weather gets warmer, there is no better activity than a simple walk in nature. Find any green space you can and enjoy smoking your green outside. While it may sound overly simple, there is something incredibly uplifting about being in nature. There is evidence to support this idea as well. A growing body of evidence supports the claim that being in nature can provide substantial benefits. This includes reducing stress, promoting healing, lowering blood pressure, reducing feelings of isolation, and lifting your mood (Robbins, 2020).

7. Enjoy Good Music

Another classic suggestion, this one never gets old. As simple as it seems, finding a comfortable place to rest and putting on a great album is always a good time. You may find yourself selecting certain types of music for your hybrid high, and there is nothing wrong with going with the flow. And don’t just stick to the classics, as discovering new music can take the whole experience to a new level.

8. Visit a Museum

Where can you go to find an enjoyable indoor activity with few people around you? What buildings tend to have the largest rooms with plenty of empty space? The answer is museums! Getting high on a hybrid strain can set you up perfectly for this peaceful but stimulating activity. Whether you visit a science, art, or history museum, there are endless art pieces to view and facts to be learned.

The great thing about museums is that people tend to space out. If you can find a quiet time of day, you’ll likely be left to your own devices. This space is great for numerous reasons, including not bothering anyone near you with your cannabis aroma. Depending on your tolerance, a sativa-dominant hybrid will likely be your best bet to get into a state of awe.

9. Call a Family Member

When was the last time you called your mother, father, or grandparents? Just about everyone is experiencing more social isolation than ever before since March of 2020. There are likely people in your life who would appreciate a call from you. The best part about making a phone call is that you can get high on a hybrid strain, and nobody can smell it. Unless you are a complete novice with cannabis, people are unlikely to notice your change of consciousness. How often is it that we get to chat with family members without judgment for smelling like weed?

All it takes is a quick phone call. You do not even have to stand up. Getting high on a hybrid can help you relax just enough to be in an excellent mood for conversation. If the person you are calling can induce some stress, then getting high can counteract those effects before they happen. It may not sound all that enjoyable at first, but calling a family member and making their day can be immensely rewarding for yourself as well. Give it a try the next time you smoke a hybrid joint or bowl.

10. Let Your Creative Juices Flow

No matter how you exercise your creativity, adding a hybrid strain high to the mix can enhance the process. There is something about the physically relaxing and mentally stimulating nature of hybrid strains that supports creative ventures. Whether you are drawing, painting, writing, dancing, singing, or designing, you can find the right hybrid strain. Once you get in the right zone, just let the flow take over and enjoy yourself. Time will melt away along with your stress levels, and you’ll create something new and beautiful.

Safely Enjoying your Hybrid High

As you see, there are so many enjoyable activities perfectly suited for a hybrid strain high. The variety of hybrids out there is as wide as the activities you can perform. As always, ensure you stay safe by starting low and going slow. Furthermore, avoid driving or other dangerous activities while high. That said, there are myriad options left open for you and your time spent high.


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