Top 10 Things to Do When You Are High on Sativa

What can you do when you find yourself feeling euphoric, certainly uplifted, and mentally stimulated? Of course, that is what you get if the chosen strain is predominantly Sativa. There are plenty of things to do, actually – depending on your mood and preference. Now, some of these, you may have already done. As for others you have never done before, go ahead. Try to do something different. In the process, you get to further heighten the experience by delving into something new.

Things You Can Do When High on Sativa

Indica strains are relaxing and excellent for resting during lazy days or in the evening when there are no other things to do. However, it is not everyones’ cup of tea. Like many others, you may prefer the invigorating high provided by Sativa strains. These are the types of weed that stimulate the brain, helping you focus and unleash your creativity. The euphoric rush that hits your head can quickly uplift your mood and wipe out stress.

Most of the time, you use a Sativa strain during the day. Besides getting your mind going, it can also energize you, motivate you to engage in physical activities. As you go through the list of things you can do, you are bound to see some activities you have never done before. “I could never do that while high,” you may even think. What you are going to find out is that you can do all these things. All you need to do is consume enough dosage to make you high but not utterly stoned.

For casual cannabis consumers, a couple of puffs (if smoking a joint made of a high-THC strain) is all it takes. It goes without saying that regular consumers may need a higher dose to attain the desired intensity of psychoactive effects.

If you are a beginner, do not worry. Start low, and only slowly increase your dose after you have assessed your tolerance. Over time, you will know the strength of Sativa strains you have tried and the right dosage. By the way, if you find yourself consuming cannabis on consecutive days, you should know that it builds up your THC tolerance. It means that you would need to increase the dosage to attain the same level of high, which is why a break is highly recommended.

Although this article is about what you can do while high, try to be mindful of what you should not do. For example, do not engage in activities that can be dangerous such as operating heavy machinery or driving a car while impaired or intoxicated.

Adapt these suggestions for your personal needs, and always observe proper safety practices. Many of the recommendations are directed toward daytime activities, and perfect for the weekend.

Are you ready?

Here are the top 10 things to do when you are high on a Sativa strain.

1. Go for a Walk

We don’t need to tell you how important exercise is, as everyone should know that by now. With all the things going on in 2021, a simple walk in nature can be an extraordinary reprieve, having recently been demonstrated in a study. A team of researchers discovered that spending time in nature produced benefits above and beyond exercising alone. Specifically, they found that spending at least 120 minutes in nature led to significant benefits for health and wellbeing (White et al., 2019).

Getting high on a Sativa strain and going for a walk is a beautiful way to get exercise and practice mindfulness. These benefits appear to get better when time is spent in nature. So go out and take a walk in the park or a trail. Whether in nature or not, going for a walk while high has all the benefits of exercising and makes the experience much more enjoyable.

2. Do Yoga, Stretching and Breathing Exercises

You can benefit from performing more self-care activities. Some people may be turned away by the idea of yoga or meditation. However, you do not have to follow set protocols or strict rules. The best thing you can do is go sit down in a comfortable spot. Take deep breaths and assess your body for soreness and tightness. If you find tense areas, move in ways that stretch it out. Once you feel a good stretch, maintain that position while you continue to breathe. Do this for 15 minutes a day, and you may just find your body feeling much healthier. It does not have to be more complicated than that unless you want it to be.

This yoga activity gets even better when high. Sativa strains, for instance, enhance your physical sensations and perceptions. It can help you focus on areas that you may otherwise ignore. You can even add some self-massage or foam-rolling to target those sore body parts. As you find yourself becoming more self-aware or falling into introspection, you are unwittingly calming your mind, body, and spirit.

3. Clean Your Home

Doing household chores tends to be a less-than-enjoyable experience. Smoking or vaping a Sativa strain, though, can give you the needed boost for you to get up and started. Even better, you may find that cleaning your home becomes far more pleasant with stimulating cerebral effects.

Once you are high, the euphoric high induced by cannabis makes the displeasurable act of cleaning more pleasurable. Try vacuum cleaning the house or washing dishes. You may find yourself getting more done than you ever realized you could do while high.

4. Make Some Healthy Food

Baking, while ‘baked’, presents many of the same benefits described above. Firstly, making healthy food is a rewarding activity that provides you with nutritious subsistence. Secondly, doing this activity while high helps enhance enjoyment through mindfulness. If you are trying this out for the first time, pick a meal you already know how to make. Once you build your confidence, you can start to explore new foods as well.

A tendency of using a Sativa strain is that it makes you feel hungry. Once the ‘munchies’ set in, you start having the urge to eat. Now, most people do end up eating junk food. Not for you, though, as you have already prepared healthy food – if you choose this activity.

5. Read a Book

Reading is not the first activity that comes to mind for many people, let alone for someone using cannabis. But a small dose of Sativa weed can provide a gentle lift for your mind, helping you visualize the things you are reading. It does not have to be a dense book or anything complicated. Grab a book you already love and give reading a try next time you get high. You may find yourself experiencing the novel more fully than ever before. Remember that one of the Sativa effects is boosting your creative thoughts. Besides, developing a reading habit while high is one of the best things you can do to ensure you are making the most of your cannabis and your mind.

6. Play Video, Card, or Board Games

In Canada, more people play games, much more so than ever before as attested by massive growth in sales of card and board games. Many of these games require focus and plenty of imagination. Now, these are also the benefits provided by Sativa strains.

You may find that learning a new game is more complicated, so start with a game that you know well. If you have friends over, sharing weed is – in itself – a pleasurable activity. Moreover, because you are all high and feeling good, it makes the whole whole environment so much more fun.

7. Write in Your Journal

Writing in a journal is not just for angsty teenagers, as adults can also benefit from this activity. Journaling while high can encourage more self-reflection and diverse thinking. A good Sativa strain can produce these effects while being stimulating enough to encourage thoughtful reflection.

Should you write?

In 2018, a randomized controlled trial showed writing in a daily journal decreased mental distress and increased well-being. Furthermore, the participants of this study experienced fewer depressive and anxiety symptoms while improving resilience (Smythe et al., 2018). So, yes. You should write as it helps you collect your thoughts, review your actions, and set new future goals.

8. Listen to Music

Something about cannabis makes listening to music that much sweeter. Whether you go with a classic favourite, a brand new album, or a live performance video – sound tripping is a delightful activity while high. In the process, you will understand why so many people attest to how being high helps them ‘hear’ music clearly, picking up specific instruments with clarity.

Are there music genres that are more fitting while you are high?

No. You can listen to classical music, rock, pop, any type of music. If unsure, pick songs that you already know or play random music. The next time you get high, grab your earphones and listen. Discover everything that music has to offer. Considering that many Sativa strains can evoke an introspective experience, you may get a better sense of the emotions behind the notes.

9. Unleash Your Creativity

Do you have any creative outlets in your life? If not, try to do some research and find something to try. A lot of people suffer from not having enough creativity in their lives, which might be why they crave so much TV. Better than watching something creative is being creative. The task itself does not matter. You can draw, write, paint, sculpt, build, or do just about anything, inspired by cannabis-induced creative juices.

The key for encouraging creativity with a Sativa strain was already highlighted earlier – dosage. Depending on the activity and your tolerance, you will want to start with a minimal dose. Be sure to prepare all your supplies beforehand, and then take one or two puffs of cannabis smoke or vapor. Get started on your task and wait at least 15 minutes before considering a second dose.

10. Spend Time Letting Your Mind Wander

One productive activity that you can do is mind wandering. Whether standing, sitting, walking, or laying down, all you have to do is turn off distractions and just let your mind wander. This is a great time to reflect on your actions, your goals in life, and so much more.

You may have noticed that the activities above can be combined in many ways. You can let your mind wander while you go on that walk or do those house chores. Sometimes it is best to focus on the task at hand, but you can also benefit from letting your mind process thoughts automatically. If you suffer from insomnia due to restless and racing minds, you may find this activity especially useful. Just like how you work your muscles to get them tired so you can sleep well, you can do the same by letting your brain get some exercise through mind wandering.

No Limits to What You Can Do But Be Safe

An excessive dose of cannabis might lead to a couch-lock, even for Sativa strains. On the other hand, a small dose is often more than enough for you to stay productive. Listen to music, watch a movie, take a walk, play games, have fun with art and craft, there are plenty of things you can do. The most important thing to remember is that you should avoid anything that poses a danger when you are high.

Remember that cannabis can alter cognitive and motor function. You can take advantage of the heightened sensations by engaging in creative activities, for example. But it can also be a disadvantage such as when driving a car when you may not be able to respond to emergency situations. At any rate, whichever activity you choose, you are bound to have more fun. So, go ahead and try some of the activities listed above.


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