Cultivation Advantage

Cannabis Cultivation

Our cultivation team has worked at some of the best and biggest labs in the world, often at the forefront of innovation and research in this field. We take pride in having assembled an expert team in all branches of our company.

Weed Me’s production is chemical and pesticide free. Before committing to one system, our company performed over 24 months of research in cultivation technology and lighting. The ultimate goal for Weed Me is to have an efficient setup that provides us with the highest quality results.

The Process

Our cultivation and growing process has minimum human involvement during the growing process. The Argus system that runs in our grow rooms monitor the plants and  use a preset program to ensure they get the right amount of light, air, and water.

We are utilizing our grow rooms by using rockwool cubes as our planter blocks. Rockwool, also called stonewool cubes are a horticultural growing media made from the natural ingredients Basalt rock and Chalk. These are then melted at 1600° C into a lava which is blown into a large spinning chamber, which pulls the lava into fibers like “cotton candy.” They are best used to germinate seeds and root cuttings, making them a very popular growing medium for hydroponic gardening. Our plants are monitored 24/7 and fed the right amount of nutrients they require, soil is not necessary.

Our grow rooms have a LED strips that hang directly above the plant. These LEDs are a lot more efficient, and hang in close proximity to the plant. They get raised as the plant grows. It is estimated that our growers will be able to yield 400-500g per sq ft.

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