Dutch Passion

As one of the oldest and most-distinguished cannabis genetics seed banks in the world, Dutch Passion has always been an innovator in how cannabis can be cultivated. They gave the world the feminized seed and the autoflower, two things that helped significantly expand the recreational growth and cultivation of cannabis.

Today Dutch Passion has a seed bank with over 60 unique strains, many widely recognized for their low psychoactive effects and used in the medicinal communities around the world.

By having an exclusive partnership with Dutch Passion in Canada, we at Weed Me are looking to bring the quality and the benefits of Dutch Passion’s knowledge to the medicinal products we offer today, as well as the ones we are looking to create in our home research lab.

Popular award winning strains

Orange Bud ®

(+)THC 16.5% (+)Sativa Dominant

White Widow ®

(+)THC 19% (+)Indica Dominant

Colorado Cookies ®

(+)THC 18% (+)Indica Dominant

Cinderella Jack ®

(+)THC 20% (+)Hybrid

Popular CBD strains

Charlotte’s Angel ®

(+)CBD 15% (+)THC < 1% (+)Sativa Dominant

CBD Skunk Haze ®

(+)CBD 7.5% (+)THC 7.5% (+)Hybrid

CBD Kush ®

(+)CBD 8% (+)THC 8% (+)Hybrid

CBD White Widow ®

(+)CBD 9% (+)THC 9% (+)Indica Dominant

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