Leadership Team

At Weed Me we strongly believe that to be the best, you have to start with the best people.

Terry Kulaga

Co-Founder & COO

I envision a time when all Canadians have access to safe, high-quality, cannabis products. At Weed Me, we are very focused on bridging the gap between now and then. This will happen only through the right blend of technology, entrepreneurship, ingenuity, integrity, and hard work.

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Benny Presman

Co-Founder & CCO

Bringing together the top talent in different branches of our company really helped us get a foot forward towards obtaining a license and setting up our operating facility in record time.

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Ed Jamieson

Chief Executive Officer

The cannabis industry in Canada is changing public perception, but it is also forcing businesses to innovate and adapt to meet the growing demand. It's an exciting time, to say the least.

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Peter Wall


With government regulation and new laws coming into effect, it's becoming increasingly important for LP's to be able to deliver high-quality cannabis products while meeting all legal requirements and obligations. At Weed Me, these two principles were the cornerstone of the company.

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Maor Shayit

Chief Marketing Officer

There are still many challenges and grey areas when it comes to marketing cannabis or cannabis products in Canada. At the end of the day, we believe the high quality of our product and the exclusive options we offer will propel us into the future.

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Liron Bar

Director of Research & Breeding

Cannabis genetics is constantly changing as we are learning more about the different uses and benefits of this plant. We are all about unlocking the full potential of the genetics we have and Weed Me gives us the ability to do it right in the growing facility, witnessing real results in real time.

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Jennielee Tabujara

Director of Quality Assurance

Quality is embedded into each process of Weed Me’s production: from sourcing raw materials to ensuring each batch meets Health Canada’s specifications to providing clients with the best service and care.

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Neil Hamilton

Master Grower

We are in an age of revolution when it comes to cannabis cultivation. It's the first time in history where cannabis is in the forefront in terms of science driven research, development and acceptance. This is allowing us here at Weed Me to implement new cultivation techniques and technologies to maximize the genetic potential of these plants while being able to provide the highest quality cannabis to the medicinal and recreational markets.

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Karen Quinto

Director of Extraction

Being a scientist in this cannabis renaissance, the “green rush” as they say, is a career that turns a lot of heads and I love it. It’s innovative, it’s intellectual, it’s physical and to be honest, very rewarding and a lot of fun. Extraction runs the gamut from helping epileptic seizures to creating the most beautiful crystal clear distillate worthy of a Nobel prize.

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Jade Chindemi

Director of Medical Business Development

We are witnessing a revolution. Since medical cannabis legalization we have learned that the cannabis plant has beneficial elements that are not psychoactive. There is mounting clinical evidence to support that cannabis treats a broad range of medical conditions from chronic pain to epilepsy. The introduction of medical cannabis also reduces opioid and antipsychotic drug use, as well as provide quality of life for seniors.

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