What We Do


We believe in providing high quality cannabis⁠—period

At Weed Me Inc., we ensure quality throughout every step of the process, from cultivation to packaging—quality is never overlooked.

Our 20,000 sq ft state-of-the-art tiered grow facility is centrally controlled and monitored 24/7. We operate a fully automated system that monitors the grow room, responding to the needs of the plants throughout the different stages of growth. This system accurately controls all environmental inputs such as irrigation, lighting and nutrients – all in real time. This high level of automation and monitoring allows us to yield a quality product that is consistent in THC, CBD and terpene profiles.

LED lighting is used to grow our plants for the reduced environment impact to remain energy efficient, while still achieving highly effective growing results.
Rockwool cubes are used as the grow medium for the increased ability to specifically control the fertigation, offering a product — a difference many have noticed from the first smoke.

We believe that drying is more of an art than a science—all of our products are carefully removed from the drying room after they have been approved as ready by our experienced and passionate cultivators. Our small indoor-grown batches are machine trimmed and hand polished in medical-grade like clean rooms. The air is changed every two hours, ensuring a faster drying process without any loss in the quality of our product.

Our unique Genetic library of over 150 strains is carefully selected from the best European and Canadian cannabis genetics breeders. We treat our buds with love and care, properly flushed, hang-dried in the most optimal environment, cured and carefully trimmed.