This blog summarizes research and trials done in the medical cannabis realm.

Modern History of Medical Cannabis: From Widespread Use to Prohibitionism and Back

In the 1840’s French psychiatrist Jacques-Joseph Moreau observed and noted some of the psychoactive effects of cannabis, but also deduced from his research some of the potentials of cannabis to calm his patients, aid with sleep, suppress headaches, and increase appetite. The authors call the second part of the 19th century as the Golden Age of cannabis in medicine, with an increase in studies and research in the United States and Europe and over 100 scientific publications in that period fo time, as well as commercial use by several pharmaceutical laboratories around the world. This was also when cannabis and hashish use for recreational purposes has started to become popular, and first concerns around the world arose around legislating and limiting hashish use and trade. Read article »


Medicinal Cannabis: The Evidence

Written for a UK audience, this article advocates further decriminalization and legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis use in the United Kingdom, it also asserts itself as a contradiction to the claims that there is not enough evidence to support medicinal use of cannabis. The author also mention that cannabis is much more rigorously tested when compared to other pharmaceutical drugs which often pass approval in the US after just one trial run with a limited population group. Read article »

Cannabis Epidemiology

Cannabis Epidemiology: A Selective Review

How many people in the world smoke cannabis? The UN estimates there is somewhere between 128 and 232 million people in the world who have tried cannabis on at least one occasion. That's somewhere between 2.7% and 4.9% of the world population. The authors also point out that there is currently no global data on how many people have tried cannabis purely for medicinal purposes or as prescribed by a physician, but data in the United States suggests that one in roughly 7-8 cannabis users has used marijuana medicinally. The authors also point to an increased use in the last several decades of resin-based cannabis products as well as synthetic cannabinoids. Read article »


Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

This article is a presentation of the results collected by the researchers at Knight Cancer Institute at the Oregon Health & Science University. The researchers questioned a group of 15 patients with history of head and neck cancer that reported using medicinal cannabis. The aim of the study was to find out why these patients resorted to medicinal cannabis use. Read article »

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