How to Make a Joint Burn Slower

In terms of cannabis consumption methods, rolling a joint typically tends to use more flower compared to other methods. This leaves more opportunity for the flower to be wasted if it isn’t used correctly. Having a joint burn properly, even slowly, can be a slightly difficult task, even for the most experienced of rollers. 

Learning to roll a joint that burns slowly and evenly will not only enhance your smoking experience but will save you cannabis that would otherwise go up in smoke. Mastering this skill could be as simple as selecting the right products and preparing them correctly. However, you can also introduce other products such as honey or live resin to slow down the speed at which the joint burns. 

Try these simple techniques for a smooth, slow-burning joint that is rolled to last.


Use properly dried and cured cannabis 

Curing is the stage of cannabis cultivation directly following the drying stage. This is when your freshly dried cannabis is stored in air-tight containers for a prolonged period. This will aid in the removal of unwanted and excess substances that affect the way the flower smokes. Think of this as the cannabis version of aging wine. 

The length of time the cannabis flower is cured will determine how slowly and evenly it will burn. Uncured cannabis or cannabis not cured for a long enough period may still be too wet to burn properly. 

Conversely, cannabis that has been cured for too long will result in flower that is too dry and will burn extremely quickly. The key is finding cannabis that has been cured for just the right amount of time. This will ensure your joints will have a slow burn. 


Grind your cannabis properly 

Once your well-cured cannabis is secured, use a good quality grinder to break up the flower. Cannabis that isn’t ground properly can have a significant impact on the way your joint will burn. If large chunks of cannabis make their way into your joint, it will be difficult to light and will lead to an uneven smoke. 

To grind your cannabis properly, choose a sturdy grinder that evenly grinds your flower so that all of the little bits of cannabis are about the same size. You should be left with a pile of fluffy-looking, finely-ground cannabis. Just make sure that your cannabis isn’t too finely ground to the point where it looks like powder, this can also stifle the airflow of your joint.


Use quality rolling papers 

When rolling your joints, blunts and spliffs, you’ll want to have the best papers at hand. The importance of quality rolling papers is often undervalued. The type of rolling paper you use will influence how your joint smokes.

Rolling papers come in all shapes, sizes, types, and makes. There are papers made from hemp, rice, natural sap and even transparent cellulose papers. All-in-all, the quality of the product will greatly define the quality of your rolls.

Hemp-based rolling papers are the most effective. Not only because you’ll be smoking cannabis rolled with hemp, but also because hemp rolling papers burn slower, more evenly, and have fewer burnouts.

The rule of thumb is the thicker the paper, the faster the joint will burn. As a guideline, stay away from thick rolling papers that look like they’re meant to be written on. Look out for the phrases “thin” or “ultra-thin” on the package of your favoured brand.