Who We Are

At Weed Me, passion binds us together.

Over a decade ago, friends and Founders Terry Kulaga and Benny Presman bonded over their passion for cannabis and the idea to provide Canadians with a high quality product.

“We believe in the power of this unique beautiful plant and its ability to improve people’s lives”

In 2016, Terry and Benny set out to become pioneers during a time when the cannabis industry was still up and coming. Their passion, excitement, and adventurous mindset led them on a journey to provide people with high quality cannabis. Leveraging their livelihoods, and taking a leap of faith, Weed Me was founded.

“If you are willing to go all in, you have that chance to come out the other side as a winner. At the end of the day it’s all about inspiring people.”

The amazing team at Weed Me is passionate and enthusiastic about the products we produce. They understand what it takes to grow, package and market our superior products and get it into the hands of Canadians. Inspired by our high standards in producing quality cannabis, and the accessibility we provide to consumers, each employee makes a difference.

Who We Are

From day one Weed Me has been committed to quality cannabis. Our passion and excitement continues to grow as we move forward in breaking barriers and developing new products. We want to bring you the best products at accessible prices, conveniently for you. We hope you enjoy our awesome WEED!