Weed, Sex, and Arousal

Weed, Sex, and Arousal

Maintaining a positive sex life comes with so many benefits beyond feeling good. There are great ways to include weed as part of the all-important foreplay that adds to the overall experience. By the end of this article, you’ll learn how to incorporate cannabis into your sexual habits safely and appropriately.  

Having High Sex

We all know how important sex is to a satisfying life. While life goes on without sex or cannabis, it tends to be better with both included. In this article, we’ll dive into the details about combining these two sensitive activities to produce the best experience possible. Based on scientific research and consumer experiences, there is little doubt that cannabis can dramatically improve your sex life.

The key to this objective is ensuring comfort with both sex and cannabis before combining them. Cannabis is not always helpful when it comes to having sex. That said, most of the downsides can easily be avoided or mitigated through a few simple tips.

1. Establish a Baseline Through Experience. 

Cannabis and sex don’t always go well together when it comes to firsts. If you’ve never had sex before, you should be sober the first time you do. Likewise, if you are having sex with a person for the first time, it is better to stay clear-headed. 

Now, the same goes for cannabis itself. You should not be smoking cannabis for the first time before having sex. This extends to experimenting with new strains or new product types. It is better to establish some baseline experience with cannabis before you bring it into the bedroom. 

In summary, cannabis during sex is best when you are comfortable with the other person and with the strain itself. You should only combine sex and cannabis when you are experienced with both alone. 

2. Avoiding Side-Effects by Starting Low

Avoiding the downsides of weed consumption is critical for ensuring enjoyable sex. Cannabis is known to produce paranoia, anxiety, fatigue, and introversion. These are certainly undesirable effects when it comes to time spent in bed. 

The key to avoiding side effects is dosing. When consuming weed, it is always a good idea to adjust the dose based on the activity at hand. If you’re thinking about smoking weed before having sex, it is always better to play it safe. Start low, and go slow. It is better to smoke less than more in these situations to avoid things going badly. 

Furthermore, it is critical that you openly discuss your intentions with your partner. As part of the normal consent process, you should assess whether your partner is comfortable with your cannabis use. If it turns them off, it may be better to avoid it until the situation changes. Having an honest discussion with your partner can ensure you are on the same page. 

3. The Benefits of Cannabis in Bed 

Cannabis can help enhance the sexual experience. Smoking weed before coitus can improve sensory pleasures, ease inhibitions, and enhance orgasms. Moreover, a small dose of cannabis can lower anxiety (a significant cause of erectile dysfunction in males). 

According to people who combine cannabis and sex, they report lasting longer during sex while still achieving successful orgasms. Women have described having less pain and more enjoyment without any adverse effects to lubrication. Men have reported benefits to their sexual experiences as well. All in all, it seems like sex is good for many adults when used correctly. Let’s look at some of the research that supports these claims. 

4. The Research Behind Cannabis and Sex

In findings from one informal survey, 67% of participants reported that sex was better with marijuana. Consumers reported increased sex drive and enjoyment of sex. Some people reported using sativa strains, while others enjoyed indica more. As we discussed, personal opinions here are what matter in this personal topic (Castleman, 2011). 

Another respondent confirmed our discussion around being comfortable with the person, as they noted how awkward hook-ups could be with weed. Also, some people did note long-term negative outcomes from chronic consumption (Castleman, 2011). To avoid these, take tolerance breaks as needed and avoid daily consumption of cannabis. 

Researchers from Standford conducted an extensive study of over 50,000 adults. They found that those who reported using cannabis more than weekly had more sex overall. More specifically, these men were found to have 22% more sex while the women had 34% more (Casetleman, 2018).

A study completed by St. Louis University in Missouri assessed the opinions of 133 adult women and cannabis. They found that 68% reported that cannabis made sex more enjoyable. In the women who reported that cannabis enhanced sex, 72% said it always increased erotic pleasure, while 24% said it sometimes does. You may be wondering why cannabis doesn’t always enhance sex, and so we’ll discuss some of the critical factors below (Castleman, 2018). 

In a more recent study completed in 2019, 373 female participants were asked about cannabis and sex. Out of those, 127 reported using marijuana prior to sex. The women in this group reported decreases in pain, increases in sex drive, and improved orgasms. Moreover, there was no change in lubrication noted. While there are questions yet to be answered around how cannabis improves sex via the endocannabinoid system, the fact remains that it just does (Lynn et al., 2019). 

4. Picking the Right Strain

While not as important as the dosage consumed, the type of cannabis smoked also plays a role. When it comes to considering whether you select an indica or sativa, many people prefer sativa strains. Indica strains are well-known for their ability to produce sedation and couch-lock, but these are not desirable effects for having sex. On the other hand, the stimulation of sativa strains induces a head high that can maximize sensory pleasures. 

Whether you smoke an indica or a sativa, the dosage is critical. Too much indica can produce sedative effects that can overpower the urge to get laid. Likewise, too much of a sativa strain can cause anxiety that prevents optimal performance and the enjoyment of sex. 

Ultimately, consumers have experienced high-quality sex while using either sativa or indica strains. You know better than anyone when it comes to how certain strains impact you. The strains you smoke while having sex should already be consumed so that you know their effects on you. Trying a new strain can lead to unwanted effects that spoil the mood. 

To give you a running head-start, try going with a sativa strain for your sexual enjoyment. Considering the benefits of sativa strains, take a look at our Wedding Cake or Lemon Z. As we all know, there is nothing that gets you more in the mood for sex than wedding cake. 

5. Picking the Right Delivery Method

When it comes to weed and sex, certain product types appear to be better than others. You may want to avoid edibles unless you are certain about how they impact you. And, those impacts are positive for having sex. Smoking or vaping weed is beneficial due to the rapid onset of effects. This allows you to start with a small dose and smoke more if needed. These little adjustments can help avoid unwanted side effects and maximize the benefits of having sex while high. 

5. Stay lubricated

We all know that cannabis can cause dry mouth (also called cottonmouth). Unfortunately, cannabis may also reduce lubrication in the vaginal area, although not everyone reports this experience. Regardless, it is a good idea to stay lubricated. This includes drinking lots of water but also having lube available when it is needed. Once the sex is over, consider having another glass of water to help keep your body hydrated. 

6. Pushing the Boundaries 

When it comes to sex and cannabis, it is best to start low and go slow. That said, once you are comfortable with sex while high, you can consider pushing the boundaries. For example, you may try to consume larger doses before sex. Just keep in mind, too much of a good thing can ultimately become a bad thing.

Furthermore, cannabis can inspire creativity that can also be useful in bed. Don’t be afraid to try new positions and do things you’ve never done before. As always, ensure there is proper consent before trying anything spicy. 


In summary, cannabis and sex go as well together as peanut butter and jam. That said, you should avoid some pitfalls. For example, we discussed how it is best to be comfortable with sex, your partner, and the weed before combining them all. This includes having an open and honest discussion around informed consent. 

Avoiding the side effects of cannabis is critical and can easily be achieved through testing your baseline and adjusting the dosage. It is always better to start low and go slow when it comes to cannabis (and sex!). Once you and your partner discover the benefits of high sex, you can start to test your boundaries and take things to the next level. Just don’t forget to stay hydrated and have lube available when needed. 



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