High on Indica

Are you wondering what activities pair well with the high can Indica strains can offer? We have created this top 10 list of the best things to do while basking in bliss. Make the most of your time relaxing with cannabis. Discover some new activities to add to your list of options for the next time you get high.

Things You Can Do When High on Indica

Sedation is a common occurrence with Indica strains. The couchlocking effect, while enjoyable, should not necessarily stop you from engaging in these activities. Keep these  suggestions in mind, and go slow on the dosage so you could have fun doing these other things.

Are you ready?

Here are the top 10 things to do when you are high on an Indica strain.

1. Watch a Movie or Binge-Watch TV

You likely aren’t breaking any new ground with this suggestion, but it is a classic for a reason. While spending all day watching TV maybe isn’t the best way to spend your day, who doesn’t enjoy a few hours or so. Getting high on an Indica strain will put you in the perfect state-of-mind to watch a great movie. Couchlock is the term used to describe how Indica strains put you into a sedative state of rest. Although many people love the relaxing effect, it is not right for all times of the day. Consider a Sativa strain for a more active daytime high.

Once the day’s work is done and the evening has arrived, there is nothing like getting a good couchlock going. Grab your favourite Indica strain and find a binge-able series to stream online. Keep some water and health snacks nearby since you may not want to get up for a while.

2. Take a Nap

If you find yourself high on an Indica strain too early in your day, you may hit a patch of fatigue. In this situation, the most straightforward solution would be taking a quick nap. Some people love them, while others never take them. But, if you find yourself exhausted earlier in the afternoon, a good nap can be the perfect fix.

A critical factor to consider when taking a nap is timing. Researchers have suggested that taking a 60-90 minute nap can provide some of the same benefits as a full 8-hour sleep (Weir, 2016). That said, there are also good benefits that can arise from a 20- or 40-minute nap. Make sure to consider the time it takes you to fall asleep, and add that number to the numbers mentioned above. Once you figure out the right nap duration for you, you experience significantly reduced fatigue when waking.

3. Go to Bed

This one may seem obvious, but getting high on Indica strains can get you entirely ready to go to bed. Many consumers avoid smoking an Indica strain earlier in the day because of this exact effect. For those who have trouble getting to and staying asleep, cannabis may just help you get a full night’s sleep.

A lack of sleep has become the norm in our modern society. Getting a full night’s rest is often out-of-reach for far too many people. Finding solutions to your sleeping problems has created an entire industry trying to sell you solutions. Without spending money on any of these, many people find cannabis to be all that they need. Finding the right dose and discovering the optimal time is something that comes with practice. But, once you do, sleeping can become a far less stressful experience.

4. Do Some Stretching or Yoga

The muscle-tension-melting effects of Indica strains are one of the reasons why many consumers love this species. When in this state, stretching becomes more comfortable and fluid. Expanding our range of motion and decreasing muscle soreness are a few significant benefits of stretching. Whether you do a whole yoga routine or simply stretch out your neck and forearms, what matters is doing something.

Next time you smoke an indica, try doing some stretching and see how it feels. Many consumers report increased sensation and body awareness while high. These effects enhance stretching and can be used to target areas that need a good stretch.

5. Practice Deep Breathing or Meditation

There is something simple about taking a single deep breath. Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious, tense, or in pain – take a deep breath and slowly let it all out. Practicing deep breathing is a fantastic way to take control of your life and your body. No matter how stressed you are, you can slow your breath down and watch the tension subside. When high on an indica strain, your muscles relax. Why not take this effect and add some intentional effort to it to further improve the gains.

There is nothing fancy or complicated about this tip. All you need to do is find a comfortable place, get rid of distractions, and take some deep breaths. You can do this during a commercial break, while listening to music, or right before you crawl into bed. You can do it just about any time of the day to increase your parasympathetic nervous system. In other words, you can activate your rest-and-digest-system through the simple act of calm breathing.

6. Listen to Great Music

Music always sounds sweeter while high on cannabis. There is nothing like resting in a comfortable place while enjoying some fantastic music. It doesn’t matter what type of music, go with your mood and trust your gut. That said, there is something extra special about discovering great new music. Try listening to a new album the next time you’re high on an indica strain to see what we mean. If you prefer going with a classic album, there is nothing wrong with that as well. You are in control, so select the music that spikes your interest and matches your mood while high on an Indica strain.

7. Listen to a Podcast

You don’t want to have to think too hard or put in too much effort while high on an Indica strain. And so, that makes listening to an interesting podcast a perfect replacement for reading. No matter what interests you, there are podcasts out there on that topic. You can find murder mysteries, philosophical discussions, sports news, and so much more. The great thing about podcasts is that you can do whatever you like while listening to them, whether going for a walk, lying on a couch, or doing some stretching.

8. Eat a Healthy Meal

While not everyone experiences munchies, there is no denying that cannabis makes food taste better. Filling your belly with nutritious food can help you enjoy feeling strong and healthy. Junk food is a standard go-to for those high on cannabis, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make a choice to eat healthy food that makes you feel good for hours. The only tricky part about this is getting the timing right of your meal and your smoke session.

Many consumers find that the munchies don’t start immediately after consuming cannabis. The motivation to eat food can begin after 15 minutes or so and increase from there. Developing the habit of eating healthy food instead of junk food when high will benefit you for a lifetime.

9. Take a Bath or Have a Shower

Have you ever soaked in a nice hot tub while high on an indica strain? This incredible experience is one that every cannabis lover should experience at some point in their life. If you’re a person reading this thinking about how you never take showers, we get it. Taking a bath is not viewed as very masculine by many in our society, but why does relaxing in warm water have to be gender-specific? Take a risk, try something new, and take a bath while high. You may just discover you love it.

For those who are still adamant about not bathing (or if you don’t have a tub), a shower can work just as well. Enjoying some indica bud before stepping into the shower can enhance the sensory pleasures of this activity. There is no special trick or anything out of the ordinary about this activity, but it is a simple pleasure that only gets better while high on an Indica strain.

10. Look Through Old Pictures

Cannabis can enhance the recall of long-term memories, so why not make the most of it? Spending some time going through old photos is a great way to take a walk down memory lane (and delete unneeded photos to conserve space while you’re at it). When’s the last time you went back and looked at old photos? The jolt of memories long forgotten can be an excellent way to enjoy your Indica strain high. Consider taking a stroll down memory lane and discover how old memories can feel new again.

Finding Safe and Enjoyable Activities to Fill Your Day

Generally speaking, the more indica buds you consume, the more you may find yourself couch-locked. Pay close attention to your dosage to find the perfect levels to combine with these productive and enjoyable activities. Expand the behaviors you perform while high on indica strains to get more out of the time you spend high.

As always, start low and go slow with your cannabis consumption. Additionally, avoid dangerous activities while impaired, such as driving while high. The top 10 suggestions provided above can all be performed while safely enjoying your high at home. Enjoy your time spent high on Indica strains, but never forget about safety.


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